My Process

Every app begins with a spark: a need, often found in my daily life. It’s a personal quest to find solutions where none quite fit.

Idea Generation

With a notepad in hand, I jot down everything I envision—core functionalities that are essential, and the ‘nice-to-haves’ that would delight.

Defining features

I dive into research with the curiosity of a learner and the critical eye of a developer. I install existing apps, explore them earnestly, seeking inspiration while consciously noting what could be improved.


This exploration leads to the creation of mood boards, a collage of ideas and styles that will shape the visual journey of the app.


Armed with inspiration and insight, I sketch the user flow, visualizing the path you’ll travel within the app.

User flow

The wireframing begins, laying out the skeleton of the experience, stopping at low to medium fidelity because I know what comes next—I’m both the architect and the builder.


Data models are my foundation. Here, I strive to improve, iterating over code to make it cleaner, better. I favor the clean architecture of the MVC model in Flutter, a framework that’s as versatile as my ambitions.

Then comes the heart of it—coding, testing, debugging, and the joyous cycle of fixing. It’s a labor of love, often accompanied by late nights and the quiet company of my thoughts. As the app takes shape, I revisit the design, now with the eyes of an artist, crafting assets that will give life to the interface.


The final stretch is communal—I reach out to friends, my invaluable testers, who help sand down any rough edges with their feedback.


After a final polish, the app is ready to make its debut on the Play Store, another creation from FusedBulb Studios, where every pixel and every line of code has a story

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